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Our Pricing and services

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Initial consultation

Your initial appointment is about information gathering. The Chiropractor will go through a detailed history of your concern as well as an exam to understand how your body is performing.

Standard fee: $90

Concession: $86

Report of findings

If you require images such as X-rays or have images to discuss, we will allocated an extended time so that we can fully explain and discuss how the images relate to your specific concerns or problems

Standard fee: $68

Concession: $ 65


Our massage therapists will asses and apply a variety of remedial massage techniques to help alleviate muscle stress

30 min: $66

60 min: $95

90 min: $ 140

Please be advised that there is a late cancellation fee for massages cancelled on the day

Treatment Visit

Your treatment visit will be based around the chiropractic adjustment, with techniques suited to your body, helping to unlock your bodies optimal performance.

Standard fee: $65

Concession : $60


If it has been more than 12 months since you have been seen, we will make sure we have all of your history, notes, and any presenting complaints up to date, and may need to do some of our exam or tests again

Standard fee: $68

Concession" 65

Heath funds and Medicare

We are a hicaps facility clinic and will process your claims at the time of billing. However each heath fund will reimburse differing amounts based on level of cover, time of year, and other factors. If you require an item code in order to get a quote from your heath fund please reach out to our staff

Medicare claims can be processed in some cases - but only through co-mangement with your GP and an enhanced primary care plan.

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