Meet the friendly faces of our team

DR Jennifer

Dr Jennifer is an experianced Chiropractor that loves caring for patients of all ages. She graduated from Murdoch University in 2006 and uses a range of chiropractic techniques to meet patients needs. She has worked at major sporting and music events as well as in Canberra with athletes of all levels. She is also a busy mum to twin boys and loves baking cakes

DR Ronald

Dr Ron brings not only a wealth of life experiance to the team but vast experiance as a Chiropractor. Having graduated from Palmer College in 1985 he has worked in Kalgoorlie, as well as run a very successful business in Armadale. He is is a huge Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Vikings fan, a history buff and makes a mean banana bread.

DR  Heather

Dr Heather is the newest Chiropractor on our team. Also a Murdoch Graduate, she has worked at sporting events and even a chiropractic mission to India. She has grown up in the area and is passionate about helping others. She has a lovely fur baby, April, a retired grey hound, and is another avid baker!



Our principle Podiatrist Sue, graduated from Salford University in 2005 and has worked both in the UK and here in Perth. She uses a range of techniques to help everyone from athletes to diabetics. She is also quite adept at martial arts! See more about her business at

Right Step Podiatry



Jane is one of our dedicated massage therapists. She uses a range of massage techniques to help everyone from those suffering from chronic muscle issues to mums-to-be. She loves beachside sunsets 



Anne has been a long time patient before heading up our reception area in 2012, and is a friendly and familiar face to our long time patients, as well as being our resident problem solver and baby cuddler!

White Feather



Michelle is new to chiropractic but is now a big fan! She is a busy mum of 3 who enjoys swimming, going to the gym and cooking.  If you see her in the clinic she will always be smiling and up for a chat.


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